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NFTs Farming Crypto Prize NFT
Jun 22, 2024
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Jun 22, 2024
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Mar 24, 2021
Someone made an offer for your Meet FoxGirl #222 NFT.
Your $200 offer for Meet FoxGirl #222 was rejected
Your $200 offer for Meet FoxGirl #222 was Approved. You now own this NFT!
Simon777 just bought your Meet FoxGirl #222 NFT for $200!
Mar 24, 2021
Simon777 just bought your Meet FoxGirl #222 NFT for $200!
Mar 24, 2021
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Mar 24, 2021
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Mar 24, 2021
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True On-Chain NFTs
People are generally not aware that most NFT projects are not fully stored On-Chain. That is the case with most BSC NFTs as well. Knowing this, we made sure Foxgirl NFTs will be forever stored completely On-Chain with Arweave (a permanent fully decentralized storage network).

Our NFTs will be instantly visible on the BlockChain and will appear in your wallet as soon as you add the NFT token to the wallet giving you immediate comfort that you are now the official owner of the NFTs you purchased.

On the FoxGirl.com marketplace, as soon as you purchase any FoxGirl NFTs, they will instantly show up in your portfolio and your dashboard with a beautiful/intuitive layout that makes it fun to grow your collection.

Our On-Chain NFT's will always and forever be there unlike with many NFT projects that don't host their NFTs permanently On-Chain. Using any other method means with time or bad luck, your NFTs and the NFT assets will be gone forever, 0 value.

These 2 articles will help everyone better understand why most NFTs are not permanent and why FoxGirl NFTs are NFTs done right.

Arweave Article
One37 Article
NFT Farming
Our NFT Farms are currently being worked on and will released at a date near the launch of our first NFT Pack. You can view a demo of your NFT Farm page and a ton of info about our Farms at the link below.

My NFT Farms
How to browse NFTs?
The default browsing view shows you all the NFT collections currently available. Clicking on a collection will take you directly to the collection's buy page when "Skip NFT ID" is selected as the browsing style. Once a collection is sold out and there are sellers of the NFT on the marketplace, it will force NFT ID browsing instead of going directly to the sold-out collection so you can browse what NFTs are available for sale by their owners.

When "Browse NFT ID" is selected and you click on a NFT collection, the browsing area will load the collection and allow you to browse individual NFTs from that collection. You can return back to collections by clicking "Back To Collections" within your filter menu or the "Single Collection" tag at the top of the page. Your browsing style can be updated directly from your filter by clicking the "Browsing Style" dropdown.

Our filter adapts to whatever area of NFTs you are browsing in so for example, if you are browsing Collections, your filter will show results within our Collections selection and when you're viewing a single collection, the filter will show results within that collection. your Portfolio and Favorites both have their own unique filters that can be customized to your liking and saved to your account.
How do i buy NFTs?
Simply make sure you have enough BNB (BEP-20) and connect your wallet to initiate the transaction and you will become the owner of that NFT as soon as the transaction has completed. You will not be required to register your account and verify your email address with the NFT purchase in the event you are not already logged in but don't worry, you can register the wallet you purchased the NFTs with at any time and your portfolio, stats, and NFT data will show within your account instantly!
I don't see my NFTs?
NFT purchases will instantly show up in your Portfolio once the transaction has completed. If you don't see your NFTs in your Portfolio, you have most likely customized your Portfolio Filter to a setting that filters out the NFTs you have purchased. Each section of the NFT Marketplace including NFTs, Portfolio, and Favorites has its own advanced filter that stays saved to your preferred settings even when you logout. Also clicking the "Clear All" tag will only clear your settings in the filter you are in, not for the other 2 filters.
About NFT Packs?
To browse NFT packs, simply select "NFT Packs" at the top of your main filter. Here you'll find all the active NFT Packs and ones where sales have ended.

NFT packs can range from 5 to 20+ NFTs per pack with various rarity levels for chances of acquiring the NFTs in the pack. On the pack page, you'll see the amount of total owners a Pack has and the amount of owners of each individual NFT within the pack.

Once an NFT Pack's sale has ended, all NFTs within the pack will be converted into individual NFT collections that instantly become browsable on our marketplace. Users will then be able to buy any unsold NFTs from the pack at true value and sell the NFTs they acquired from the pack if they'd like to. NFT pack sales usually end within 30 to 60 days of release.
Game and Comic NFTs?
More information will be announced about these exciting NFT features in the near future so stay tuned!
What do the status filters mean?
Buy now: shows NFTs that are available for purchase and not sold out.

2 Weeks Old: only shows NFTs added within the last 2 weeks.

Allows Offers: shows NFTs being resold with the Make Offer feature enabled so users can submit offers for the NFT.

Has Offers: shows NFTs that currently have offers placed.

What are the NFT types?
Illustrations: artwork NFTs

Animated: FoxGirl animation NFTs

Collaborations: Collabs with other crypto projects and their mascots

Prize NFTs: Test your luck in winning amazing tech with our stunning NFTs.

Pack NFTs: The ultimate Gocha game comes to FoxGirl with NFT Packs.

Charity NFTs: FoxGirl NFTs were a portion of the proceed go to charity

Cosplay NFTs: FoxGirl characters come to life with the most talented cosplay models!
About NFT rarity
Our NFT collections offer Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Mythical rarities which range from 10000/10000 NFTs to 100/100 NFTs.
About Portfolio features
Our NFT marketplace allows users to easily manage their portfolio and favorites directly from the NFT browsing page. Users can review their NFTs data, NFT IDs owned, NFT activity, Offers Made history, and Offers Received history at any time while browsing NFTs. We also incorporated an advanced filter to adjust your portfolio to any characters, rarity, price, type, status, etc. to make it incredibly customizable to any user's preference.
Set new NFT alerts
Holders of with a minimum of $1,000 in can receive NFT alerts 30 minutes before they are released. Settings are updated upon clicking the checkbox area above.
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This feature and many other features are currently being worked on every day to further expand our platform. Members will be notified by email when many of our pending features are complete so stay tuned for this and so much more we have planned for you guys!
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