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May 24, 2022
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May 24, 2022
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Mar 24, 2021
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Mar 24, 2021
Simon777 just bought your Meet FoxGirl #222 NFT for $200!
Mar 24, 2021
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Mar 24, 2021
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Mar 24, 2021
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Mar 24, 2021
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FoxGirl's Roadmap
Phase 1
Launch Website
FoxGirl's website launched fully working with already major utility in place. We are building so much for FoxGirl that it may bring a little shame to other crypto projects ;)
Coinmarketcap Listing
We have just been listed on Coinmarketcap! List date was October 25, 2021!

CoinGecko Listing
We have just been listed on CoinGecko! List date was October 25, 2021!

Token Dev Feature
FoxGirl users are now able to browse real token devs using various advanced filters. You can check out their detailed profiles, see their completed verifications including previous successful token launches, photo verification, and doxxed video verification. Think of this feature as the LinkedIn for token developers!
New Website and Dapp Release
Our entire platform and user interace has been updated with the annoucement of many new features, 7 new FoxGirl characters, wallet connect, and many other features.
Artwork Feature
FoxGirl users will be able to upload their own artwork, gifs, videos, and memes directly on our platform and receive full credit and a follow backlink to any website they choose. All artwork will browsable by an advanced filter and a beautiful blog layout. This feature will also be added to member profiles as something other viewers can check out along with any token listings they have.
Get an Audit
Our audit should be finalized soon!
Updated Whitepaper and Roadmap
We have finally released a beautiful and detailed whitepaper with our current FoxGirl plans, goals, and features.
1500 Telegram Members
With a captcha in place we want to work toward building a Telegram group with real members and a very active community that helps let the world know about FoxGirl.
Phase 2
FoxGirl Marketplace
The FoxGirl marketplace stands out by being incredibly detailed, easy to use, innovative, and with the collector in mind.
Release First FoxGirl NFTs
With the launch of our FoxGirl Marketplace we will release 8 1st editions legendary NFTs along with 2 common NFTs!
Release First Prize NFT
Prize NFTs are beautiful FoxGirl NFTs that allow 1+ lucky individuals to win expensive and awesome prizes. Technology, new game releases, and other popular new items will be part of the Prize NFT fun!
FoxGirl Characters
FoxGirl Characters allows users to view our current roster of official FoxGirl Characters. Clicking into a character will show a user's relationship status, and affection with the FoxGirl when their wallet is connected to the platform. These attributes can be increased by acquiring more NFTs of each character. More info about heart meter and statuses can be found by clicking the information icon within a character. Below the character menu, users will find all the current NFT statistics on our NFTs, characters, owners, partnerships, NFT packs, and more.
FoxGirl NFT Revenue Share
Our NFT smart contract allows us to auto share NFT revenue with our official NFT partners on every NFT purchase of a partnered NFT. We can brainstorm some creative ideas and our amazing artists will do all the work making idea come to life. If you're a big influencer or token project and would like to partner with us, please reach out to us by email or message one of our official mods on Telegram.
Release First FoxGirl Pack
FoxGirl Packs is the gatcha game developed in brilliant fun fashion with each pack delivering exciting themed NFTs with many having future volume releases. FoxGirl packs will have a minimum of 5+ NFTs possible and Each NFT will have a unique NFT rarity and chance of being won.
NFT Credits
Our FoxGirl Marketplace will soon include NFT credits allowing us to give our best community members, shillers, and contest winners free credits to purchase our NFTs. 1 Credit will equal $1 dollar.
Businesses Accepting Crypto
FoxGirl is set to become the largest database for businesses that accept cryptocurrency in all niches. Our goal is to expand all over the world to every platform and company that accepts crypto currency and become a very useful tool for any crypto enthusiast. Every single one of us has always wondered where can i spend my crypto? Well now you have your go to platform that makes it easy and quick to find exactly that in any category you can think of. Crypto Mass Adoption is here and we're leading the way by gathering all the important data you need and transforming this feature into the Yelp of Crypto.

FoxGirl users can browse and filter through companies anywhere in the world accepting Bitcoin, Altcoins, and of course FoxGirl Token so they can spend their crypto without having to ever convert it to Fiat. Companies will also be able to upload their businesses to our platform and gain more exposure for their business through the companies search system by accepting FoxGirl Token on their platform. This sets FoxGirl up for a lot exciting news with all the trail blazing companies expanding into accepting FoxGirl Token in the future!
50,000 FOXGIRL Holders
50,000 FOXGIRL holders will call for a big celebration!
Phase 3
Release FoxGirl Pack #2
We are already working on NFT Pack #2 and it's going to be a major one!
FoxGirl Trophies
Soon we will be expanding the user dashboard to include various accomplishments and beautiful FoxGirl Trophies, some of which will earn you free NFT credits! You will be able to show your trophies with other users if your profile is set to public visibility.
New Marketplace features
Soon our developers will complete features such as listing FoxGirl NFTs for sale, offers, buy now pricing on listings, offers received/sent history, and other marketplace features.
FoxGirl Swap
Allows you to buy FoxGirl and any other BSC tokens directly on our platform.
FoxGirl Charts
Browse any charts for ETH and BSC tokens just like Dextools but far more intuitive to the average trader with all the handy tools easily accessible. FOXGIRL holders will be able to set ETH/BSC token price alerts by email, browser, SMS, telegram, and push notifications. Beyond that, holders can add positions to any chart, add unlimited favorites of any tokens, add a tracking wallet that allows you to see only your trades on any chart, add token info for any token, and much more!
Price Alerts
FoxGirl Charts will allow holders of FOXGIRL to receive real-time alerts for any ETH and BSC tokens by email, browser, SMS, telegram, and push notifications!
FoxGirl Cosplay Gallery
We'll expand our artwork section to allow FoxGirl investors to upload their FoxGirl cosplay. Let's build the world's biggest gallery of FoxGirl cosplayers.
10,000 Telegram Members
Time to really get the FoxGirl telegram party going with 10,000 of the wisest crypto investors.
100,000 FOXGIRL Holders
100,000 FOXGIRL holders and FoxGirl is taking a rocket to the moon!
Phase 4
Release Cosplay NFTs
Cosplay NFTs opens our NFT marketplace up to allowing the best cosplay models to dress up as their favorite FoxGirl characters, recreate FoxGirl scenes, and partner with us on some amazing official Cosplay NFTs!
FoxGirl Merch Store
Will all the beautiful artwork our artists are designing, we will have merch store up in no time. Anyone that buys our merch and uploads a picture in or with our merch will receive a shoutout from us on our twitter and IG if they want it!
FoxGirl is crypto's token so we are excited to form partnerships with some the hardest working teams in crypto.
Real Life Fox Girls!
We will bring our official FoxGirl characters to life with the best models for every character!
FoxGirl NFT Comics
Read the story of FoxGirl and be overwhelmed with a deep and amazing adventure into the FoxGirl world.
Expand Development Team
Once FoxGirl really starts getting popular, we will expand our team to include additional developers, artists, moderators, marketing strategists, and more.
Pocket FoxGirl
A Tamagotchi style game with every official FoxGirl Character so you can grow with and take care of your favorite FoxGirls! Features will include outfit customizations, home customizations, new actions, new items, and more you can expand on with our NFTs.
Influencer Blitz
Work with the top influencers in crypto to show the world what FoxGirl is all about.
25,000 Telegram Members
Growing our FoxGirl community to 25k will be an amazing milestone!
Phase 5
Mainstream FoxGirl Game
Our goals for the first FoxGirl game will definitely make jaws drop. We can't and don't want to state too much info until we have officially hired a Game Studio, but we will 100% incorporate the following: - NFTs
- Metaverse - VR
- Open World
- World Building
- RPG Elements
- Simulation Elements
- Action Elements
- Relationship Elements
Expand Token Features
We will be expanding our token listings feature with more filter options and more details on the tokens to help FoxGirl users better find safe tokens in record time.
New Doxxed Dev Options
The photo verification feature will allow devs to upload a photo of themselves holding a piece of paper with our domain name on it, the current date, and their username while making a peace sign with their other hand so members browsing the dev can see the photo and that the dev completed this verification option.

The doxxed video feature will allow token devs to establish themselves as the most honest devs in the entire crypto world by uploading a video saying hello to their investors and stating a few key sentences and phrases to successfully complete the verification.
Expand New Launch Alerts
FoxGirl holders will gain access to new alerts types including browser, telegram, SMS, and push notifications. Holders will also be able to set the alert notification time between 1 and 24 hours before launch.
Announce FoxGirl's Official Pet
Who's it gonna be you wonder? You'll have to wait to find out but you already know him and you already love him and he will bring some neat utility to FoxGirl ;)
FoxGirl Toys
Once our telegram group grows to 15,000 organic members we will begin seriously looking into making our very own toys for our FoxGirl characters. If all is going smoothly we will expand our business model into making toys for other popular crypto tokens.
Earn FOXGIRL Using Foxgirl.com
FOXGIRL holders will be able to earn more FoxGirl simply by using our platform. More will be revealed later on.
50,000 Telegram Members
With 50,000 Telegram members, nothing can stop FoxGirl from its goals!
250,000 Holders
At 250,000 we'll be celebrating by popping a few champagne bottles over voice chat 🥳
Phase 6
Major New Utility
We will be building a massive new platform completely connected to FoxGirl with FOXGIRL Holder benefits for a revolution in crypto marketing. Stay tuned for this one!
FoxGirl App
While we may build a simpler version of our FoxGirl App before this time so FOXGIRL holders can receive push notifications for upcoming launches and price alerts, at this point we will convert our entire massive platform into an App for both Apple and Android.
Real World Events
Attend Crypto, anime, and gaming events to promote FoxGirl in style.
More Coming Soon
We're always thinking up new ideas so our Roadmap will continue to have many updates. The roadmap is subject to change at anytime to better fit the goals of FoxGirl's growth.
Utility Bots
FoxGirl will build many handy bots for telegram. Some will require FOXGIRL tokens to access and some will be freebies.
Pro Marketing Telegram Group
A private telegram group where every single member there is ready to help FoxGirl market together in unison.
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